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    The work to which we are committed and to which we call you is simply this - we need to close prison doors and open doors of opportunity for the next generation.

    We invite you, especially you young people, to join us in this work. Let’s lead the way forward.

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    Latest News

    #cut50: First Step Act

    #cut50 co-founders Van Jones and Jessica Jackson attended a ceremony at the White House during which President Trump signed the First Step Act into law.


    #GreenForAll: Lights Up Sky

    Green For All lights up the sky in cities across the country this holiday season to demand House Democrats support a Green New Deal.


    #YesWeCode: Spotlight

    Kelvin Lightner is a #YesWeCode Coding Corps 2017 alum. After attending the University of California, Berkeley and earning undergraduate degrees in legal studies and economics, Kelvin became a consultant at Deloitte.


    President Vien Truong on Mother Jones Podcast

    Dream Corps President Vien Truong appeared on the Mother Jones Podcast to talk about the Green New Deal.


    Profile: Louis Reed, #cut50

    “1 3 9 5 9 0 1 4." Louis L. Reed has never forgotten his federal prison number and like a tattoo, it’s a permanent reminder of his survival and eventual redemption.


    Dream Corps: AI Summit Launch

    Designing a Future for All is a summit that will explore AI, its implications for the future of work, and its impact on communities and individuals that are at risk of being left behind.


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