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#cut50’s Empathy Network is a community of leaders across the country, from the grassroots to the grasstops, working together to transform the criminal justice system. 

Made up of over 300 organizations and 2,000+ directly impacted individuals, the Empathy Network serves as #cut50’s eyes, ears and boots on the ground to help drive reforms across the country. 

We must ensure that the people most impacted by the justice system have a seat at the table. We must ensure that they are able to lend their voice and expertise to finding new solutions that will positively impact their lives, families, and communities.

For Empathy Network members, we offer

  • Opportunities to drive policy change at the state, local & federal level
  • Webinars, trainings, resources, and tools to grow leadership and advocacy skills
  • Media, storytelling, and event opportunities
  • Strong connections to other members within the nationwide Network

Are you

  • Directly impacted by crime, incarceration, or the justice system?
  • Have a loved one who has been impacted?
  • An ally who wants to support the leadership of others?

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