Elections, Conventions and #JusticeReformNOW

We are still reeling from an amazing week at the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia. For the first time in history, both political parties are making a bold statement against the incarceration industry with the Democrats’ Platform calling for an “end to the era of mass incarceration.”



Over the course of 3 days, over 10,000 people toured our space, which featured nearly 200 pieces of original art and more than 25 hours of programming, most of it focused on our fight to transform the U.S. justice system.

Elected leaders from Cory Booker and Congressman Keith Ellison joined celebrities like Susan Sarandan, Rosario Dawson, will.i.am and many others. The multi-faceted, multi-day event transcended race, class, party, gender, and ability as we dug into the core of what issues face America today.

Some of the highlights of the week included Van Jones and Senator Cory Booker discussing criminal justice reform, Danny Glover and Tatyana Fazlalizadeh exploring the possibilities of art and activism, and performances from Aloe Blacc, Andra Day, and the Black Eyed Peas!

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We also had the pleasure of joining Alicia Keys and Politico for a conversation about our campaign for #JusticeReformNOW.  Watch the full panel on Politico.com


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