Dream Corps launches Day of Empathy Campaign

The Day of Empathy is a national day of action to generate empathy on a massive scale for millions of Americans impacted by the incarceration industry. 

Virtual reality has been described as an “empathy machine.”  #cut50, a Dream Corps initiative, launched the Day of Empathy campaign to create empathy on a massive scale for the millions of Americans behind bars. In partnership with Benefit Studios, the team will create a series of virtual reality experiences based on true stories  that reveal a broken aspect of our criminal justice system. 

The campaign will recruit Ambassadors of Empathy who will bring virtual reality visors/headsets into all 50 state capitols and the U.S. Congress.Through the impact of VR, key decision-makers will experience the human consequences of a criminal justice system that has gotten too big, too unfair and too brutal.

Visit the campaign page to learn about the Day of Empathy. 

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    I’d like to be involved as an Ambassador but I’m having trouble accessing the campaign page…can you email me please? :) rachelrosen06@gmail.com
  • commented 2016-12-18 14:28:38 -0800
    Psalm 69 – For the Lord hereth the poor and despiseth not his prisoners
  • commented 2016-12-18 14:14:22 -0800
    Psalm 69 – For the Lord here that the poor, and despiseth not his prisoners
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