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Dignity Legislation Across The USA


Eight bills in Pennsylvania would help restore dignity to incarcerated women by providing free access to: necessary hygiene products such as tampons and pads, communication resources for maintaining crucial support systems outside of prison, trauma informed care, mentorship opportunities focused on development, and more.

Women Leading the Charge

Tonie Willis, Pennsylvania Dignity Ambassador

The Bills:

– HB 1011: PCCD Women and Girls Subcommittee 

– HB 1012: Healthcare Screenings

– HB 1008: Feminine Hygiene Products

– HB 999: Mentorship Program

– HB 1015: Social Services Enrollment

– HB 1007: Free Phone Calls & Emails

– HB 1009: Alternative Housing for Parenting Women

– HB 1014: Trauma Informed Care

Bill Authors: 

Rep. Morgan Cephas, Rep. Isabella Fitzgerald, Rep. Elizabeth Fiedler, Rep. Joanna McClinton, Rep. Donna Bullock


Rep. Tom Murt

These bills would create provisions for:

  • safer methods of confinement for pregnant women 
  • alternative sentencing for pregnant women 
  • access to basic hygiene products (such as tampons and pads)
  • access to vital healthcare screenings 
  • issuing trauma-informed care training to prison employees and providers
  • pathways for mentorship programs for incarcerated individuals in order to promote successful community re-entry upon release
  • free communication resources for staying in touch with loved ones (through phone or email)
  • prioritizing inner prison employment of formerly incarcerated individuals and those familiar with the struggles of incarcerated women 
  • providing alternative methods for reporting civil rights violations, abuse, and misconduct

In the News

Co-Sponsoring Organizations

#cut50, American Conservative Union Foundation for Justice, Ardella‚Äôs House, Families Against Mandatory Minimums (FAMM)