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Senate Bill 598: The Dignity Act Maryland

Requires the Division of Corrections to have a written policy and procedure in place requiring that menstrual hygiene products be provided at no cost to incarcerated women and requires the Director and the managing official of a correctional facility to ensure that the correctional facility has a sufficient supply of menstrual hygiene products to meet the needs of the inmate population at all times.

Bill Status:  Passed the Senate unanimously on March 1st and passed the house on March 27th. 
✔ Approved by the Governor on April 24th 2018. Check out the latest status here.

Bill Author: Senator Susan C. Lee

Coauthors: KelleyAstleBensonBrochinConwayCurrieFeldmanFergusonGuzzoneHersheyHoughJenningsKaganKingKlausmeierMadalenoMannoMcFaddenMiddletonMuseNathanPulliamNormanPetersPinskyRamirezReadyRobinsonRosapepeSallingSmithYoungZuckerZirkin, and Cassilly

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Monica Cooper
Maryland Justice Project

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