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Senate Bill 133: The Dignity Act Kentucky


Bill Author: Senator Julie Raque Adams

Co-Authors: Senators Whitney Westerfield & Alice Kerr

Statement from the bill author:

“More than any other state, Kentucky is struggling with an opioid addiction, and the scourge of drugs has now touched every Kentucky family,” said . “When I learned how many pregnant women and mothers were entering our justice system, I knew we had to do everything we can to get them healthy, and make sure they can care for their babies. This isn’t just about women who make mistakes, it’s about the children that get left behind. Our Commonwealth, and our country, must do better. And I hope this bill starts a national conversation on how we would want our mothers, wives, sisters, and daughters to be treated.”

Statement from Van Jones, Co-Founder of #cut50:

“Depriving incarcerated women of basic human dignity isn’t ‘tough on crime,’ it simply greases a cycle of failure that has led to generational incarceration. What’s tough is the life of those babies whose mothers are addicted, who are in and out of prison, and who can’t provide for their children. Kentucky’s ‘Dignity Bill’ gives mothers hope, and it gives their babies a chance at a stable life. Surely that’s something the right and the left can get behind.”

Statement from Holly Harris, Executive Director of the US Justice Action Network:

“This is a landmark moment for incarcerated women and mothers, who have been forgotten in the ‘me too’ movement, but who need and deserve a voice more than ever before. Kentucky has the second highest percentage of incarcerated women in the nation, and the highest percentage of children who have had an incarcerated parent. As a woman born and raised in Kentucky, I’m proud that my home state is the first to step up and set the example. Sen. Julie Raque Adams now has her place in history as the first legislator in America to pass a ‘Dignity Bill,’ and I feel certain that she has started a movement that will spread quickly across this country.”

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