Dream Corps

Susie Smith

Incarceration has impacted Susie Smith’s family and left a permanent scar, her two sons are serving life sentences, and up until early June– she believed she wouldn’t be released from federal prison until 2020. Because of the elderly release provision in the First Step Act, Susie was reunited with her family on June 18th, 2019. The elderly release provision in the First Step Act expands the release of incarcerated individuals who are 60 years and older that have served at least two-thirds of their sentence and is to be enacted at all BOP facilities. 

In 2010, Susie was given a minimum sentence for a non-violent crime, and in the same case, her two sons received life sentences. Since her release, she has made it her mission to fight for her loved ones that are incarcerated– and advocate for the people she left behind. She understands the power of her story and is determined to fight for the freedom of others. Aside from her passion relating to justice reform, Susie knows that her brightest days are ahead of her. She is in the works of obtaining identification and focusing on her re-entry process. 

Although she is currently under federal supervision through weekly check-ins, she understands that her future will give her the opportunities to become even closer to her family and especially her grandson, Cayleb, who has advocated for her release in the past.