Dream Corps

Rozina Kanchwala

Climate Storyteller

Location: Washington, D.C.

Rozina is an energy and environmental professional with over 10 years of academic and work experience globally. She works to make environmental issues accessible, personal, and actionable. Her particular interests lie in environmental education, clean energy, environmental justice, and sustainable food systems. 

Rozina’s day to day work is in the solar energy field where she develops education content for solar conferences as well as works to green conferences and trade shows by lowering the environmental impact of the events. On the side, she volunteers as the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Manager for the DC chapter of the Clean Energy Leadership Institute (CELI); she also volunteers with Citizens’ Climate Lobby (CCL) to build the political will for a livable planet; and she recently launched a nonprofit, Eco.Logic through which she recently wrote and produced a play called Love in the Time of Climate Change to bring humor and awareness to audiences.


Yes, climate change is a crisis, and yes, there’s reason to feel distraught and anxious over that. But as young people, we also have complex lives and the ability to care both about the world and ourselves all at the same time.

Rozina Kanchwala, Climate Storyteller; “Dating with Climate Anxiety During the Apocalypse