Dream Corps

Matt Cherry

Development Director

Matt Cherry has been building movements for social change across the world for more than quarter of a century. He spent 13 years as an executive director in the humanist movement, developing many successful organizations and programs to increase the visibility and influence of atheists, humanists and other freethinkers. He served three terms as president of the United Nations NGO Committee on Freedom of Religion or Belief, the first non-religious person ever to be elected to that post.

In 2013, Matt moved to the San Francisco Bay Area to become executive director of Death Penalty Focus. In that role he built the support and raised the money to launch a ballot initiative to abolish the death penalty in California. He served as campaign manager for Prop 62, the repeal of the death penalty initiative.

Matt has spoken at meetings and events in more than 20 countries; interviewed extensively for print, radio and TV; and his writings have appeared all over the world, including in the Guardian, LA Times, San Francisco Chronicle and Washington Post. He is the co-author of four books, including one Amazon bestseller.