Dream Corps

Kasheef Wyzard

National Programming Initiatives Director

As a first generation American born to parents of Caribbean descent, Kasheef attributes the alignment of his career and purpose to interventions and exposure to educational resources far outside of the community that raised him.  With such a dichotomy between the two worlds he grew to know, an unshakeable commitment to be on the frontline of change was born.

As the National Programming Initiatives Director, Kasheef is responsible for overseeing the integrity of TECH’s programs, trainings, and materials, ensuring that all programs and offerings align with the mission, vision, and values of the organization. In this role, Kasheef leverages his experience and strength in developing programs that deliver value to organizational members and partners.

Prior to joining the Dream Corps TECH team, Kasheef cultivated long-lasting relationships as a member of the Partner Development team at the National Black MBA Association. Kasheef helped organizations move Diversity and Inclusion strategies forward, aligning corporate partner needs with unique programmatic opportunities. Outside of the aforementioned work Kasheef has done in his career, Health and Wellness is his #1 passion. As a Certified Fitness Trainer, Kasheef works with individuals and organizations of all kinds to create a healthier future!

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