Dream Corps

Erin Haney

Senior Counsel

Erin has spent the last 10 years as an attorney protecting the rights of indigent clients at all levels of our broken justice system. As a death penalty attorney, Erin worked with clients and witnesses, often for years at a time, to develop a social history and reframe the narrative around her clients’ actions and life in an effort to persuade the courts to reassess the punishment of death. Erin has committed her life to helping the most marginalized among us, and adheres strongly to the philosophy that no one should be judged solely by their very worst moment.

Erin also worked as a Deputy Public Defender in San Francisco, where she represented San Franciscans at the trial level. Previously, Erin litigated civil rights suits on behalf of incarcerated clients as part of the UC Davis Civil Rights Clinic, where her team won the first punitive damages in a case of its kind for an incarcerated person suffering under California’s harsh prison conditions. Currently, Erin serves as the Policy Director at Reform Alliance.

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