Dream Corps

Clover Perez

The First Step Act allowed Clover to be released from federal prison on March 7th, 2019 due to the Good Time Credits clause in the First Step Act.  Her original release date was 2/5/2020. She is currently on home confinement until November 27th, 2019. After eight years of being incarcerated, Clover will have the ability to spend the holidays with her family and loved ones.

Clover describes is dedicated to ensuring that incarcerated people are no longer invisible and is working to guarantee that their stories are humanized. She sees the First Step Act as being a rebirth to the criminal justice system and a moment to highlight the much-needed fight to reform our justice system. Although she has only been released a few months, she has already found her own nonprofit organization, A Beautiful Heart Ministries and hopes to end the impact that the criminal justice system has on women and girls.