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With your support Dream Corps has helped return home more than 7,000 people, helped pass 18 state bills in the past 18 months, helped reshape the national conversation about the Green New Deal to focus on shifting resources to low income communities and communities of color who bear the brunt of climate change, and helped create a pipeline of diverse talent that is shifting the culture of the tech sector through corporate partnerships and curriculum development.

“We work across deep divides to inspire change and solve America’s toughest problems.”

Van Jones

Reforming the Criminal Justice System

The Impact of the First Step Act #cut50

#cut50, our criminal justice reform program, took on an issue that was considered a nonstarter for both parties and made it common ground for both parties.

Building a Green Economy

Green For All, our green economy program, launched a nationwide communications and organizing campaign. The campaign is focused on electrifying our nation’s cars, trucks, and buses in order to help curb transportation pollution, the number one source of carbon emissions in our country.

Creating Equity in the Tech Sector

Dream Corps TECH, our equity in tech program, launched a corporate cohort training model. This model is revolutionizing the access underrepresented tech talent has to employment in the future tech economy.

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