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Dream Corps closes prison doors and opens doors of opportunity. We bring people together across racial, social, and partisan lines to create a future with freedom and dignity for all.


Dream Corps believes that together we can lead our country to reach its fullest potential. Together we can create a place where “we the people” means all of us. We believe that freedom and dignity for all communities is possible, where everyone has their basic needs met and we are free and able to pursue our dreams. We envision a future where everyone has the freedom to thrive on a healthy planet. We know this must be done together, and not apart.   

Diversity is the source of our nation’s strength. We want to live in an America where we respect one another’s beliefs, cultures, and expressions of self. Where we enthusiastically celebrate and grow strong from the richness of our differences and connect deeply through our shared humanity. We believe that when we face our problems together, we can repair our democracy and create a future that works for everyone. 

We must heal the deep divides in our country. While recognizing the battleground issues that divide us, we remain focused on the common ground solutions that unite us. We believe that what’s at stake is not just the American Dream, but the dream that is America. 

Dream Corps is building the future we are all dreaming of.

Core Values


We advance solutions that inspire action, serve justice, and improve people’s lives. Our solutions honor life and amplify the voices of those left behind in the current system. By turning towards each other, instead of against each other, we act in solidarity, create unlikely partnerships, and open unexpected doors.

Servant Leadership  

We lead with empathy and are committed to the growth and well-being of all people, especially the marginalized and mistreated. We see personal transformation and systemic transformation as interlinked and interdependent. We serve a movement that extends far beyond our own organization. We are committed to creating the conditions for all people to be free.


We cultivate presence, conviction, and love. How we do what we do matters. Authenticity, depth, and passion matter. We celebrate culture and creativity. We honor the immeasurable. We operate from a place of fierce and unconditional love that is rooted in relationship and connection. We believe in magic. We are awake and alive in this work.

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