Our Mission




The Dream Corps is a social justice accelerator. We back initiatives that close prison doors and open doors of opportunity for all.


The Dream Corps was founded by Van Jones in 2014 to help cutting-edge initiatives grow big enough to impact millions of lives. Our slogan is “21st-century jobs, not jails.” We support economic, environmental and criminal justice innovators – all under one roof. Our shared platform helps leaders create synergies, leapfrog obstacles and maximize impact. Every day, we are reshaping "what’s possible" in the field of social justice.

 The Dream Corps finds aspiring leaders who have the courage and determination to tackle America’s toughest challenges.

Then we connect them to world-class partners, smart digital tools and national media platforms to help them succeed. 

We back initiatives that close prison doors and open doors of opportunity. We currently work on these three programs:

#cut50Transforming the criminal justice system

  • #cut50 works to popularize bipartisan alternatives and practical solutions to help America safely and smartly reduce its jail and prison populations by 50 percent over the next 10 years. 

#YesWeCode: Increasing opportunity in the tech sector

  • #YesWeCode works to help 100,000 young women and men of diverse backgrounds find success in the tech sector. 

Green For All: Building an inclusive green economy

  • Green For All works to build an inclusive green economy by moving $1 trillion dollars from polluters pockets into low-income communities.

Love Army: Building a nation where everyone matters.

  • #LoveArmy is a network of people committed to revolutionary love. Together we stand up to hate, heal divides and envision a future that works for everyone. Through education, connection and action, we grow love + power.